Frotcast 161: Cougar Town’s Pat Schumacker, our movie fights and plagiarism

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07.18.13 9 Comments


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This week on the Frotcast, our guests include Patrick Schumacker, ex-Cougar Town writer, Justin Halpern’s writing partner, and Writer’s Room contributor; and SF comedian Matt Louv, the museum of comedy. We talk about the possible sexism of my article about Tarantino girlfriend/plagiarist Lianne Spiderbaby and whether, based on her “apology,” she’s actually a human spambot who’s trolling us all. We discuss Pacific Rim, the Dzhokar Tsarnaev Rolling Stone cover, and Pat introduces a new topic, asinine movie arguments we’ve had with people.

Most importantly, we coin the phrase “Sharknados are a fishious cyclone.” Enjoy.

Also, the pods are back at! Check out FilmDrunk & Friends at Cobb’s in SF August 4th!

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