Frotcast 172: This is 40, The Next Toddler Rap Star

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This week on the Frotcast, we all watched This is 40 on HBO so we talk about that and the Apatow oeuvre in general. We discuss the guy who made the video advice for JJ Abrams on how to make Star Wars good again, and fanboy culture in general. This leads us to Man of Steel, Star Trek, Iron Man 3, etc.

We bring on Burnsy for a special installment of Burnsy’s Corner, the search for America’s next rapping toddler, inspired by Matty B. For the record, Matty B was featured in the very first edition of Burnsy’s corner. Ylvis also showed up there years ago (on Frotcast 64 – thanks FrotcastQuotes Twitter account), long before “What Does the Fox Say” became a hit this summer, proving that the Burnsy Bump is real, and it’s powerful. You can check out all the candidates for this year’s best toddler rap star after the jump.

We wrap things up with some of your relationship questions, including the guy whose brother banged his girlfriend who now has to give a best man’s speech for said brother. All in all, it should be a good ‘sode, a great time for a first listen if you’re still a Frotcast virgin. TELL YO FRANES!

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