Frotcast 173: Gravity, The Name Draft, Quicksand Porn

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Can you remember the last time every single person on the Frotcast saw the same movie? Well it happened this week, with Gravity. We all share our thoughts on that (read my full review here), break down the negative reviews, and discuss Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Gravity fact-checking session. The Gravity talk lasts until about minute 35, if you’re trying to avoid spoilers.

After that, Matt Lieb tells us about the movies that make him cry the most (including Batman Begins, and later we take on the All Name Draft, courtesy of notytournament’s bracket (you can see our picks below, if you want). Finally, Matt Lieb tells us all about his discovery of quicksand porn, and we imagine what the plot of a really good quicksand porno might be.LISTENER COMMENT OF THE WEEK, FROM JEREMY:

“What was Bret’s wedding like? I imagine his wedding vows were like I take thee flesh to be with your bones till they rot or till the earth explodes, because it doesn’t even matter we love one another. We’ll be dead soon and the pictures from these moments will just be lost and it’ll be like none of this ever matters, and none of these people here matter either.”

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Jackmeoff Mudd

Magnus Moan

Pornsak Pongthong

McWisdom Badejo


Fang Man

Fancy English Jr.

Bak Bak

Syndric Steptoe


Gorby Loreus

Flavius Walter Winsted

Yolanda Squatpump

Baby Swinger


Smokey Don Pipes

Ram Amandeep

Chishire Schanker

Konockus Sashington


Twollie Vanderwerf

Mythius Gaither

Skyhawk Fadigan MD

Pooky Amsterdam

The full bracket, via