Frotcast 174: Wes Anderson, Burnsy’s Corner, the Cardinals playoff song

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10.18.13 8 Comments

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This week on the Frot, we’re a little shorthanded, as Ben’s tired from chemo and Brendan is off buying a house with a urinal and a bidet in it. (Human giants are notoriously bad at cleaning themselves). But we did our best, blooping in Bret from New York and Mr. Ashley Burns from Orlando. Bret and I talk about the new Wes Anderson trailer, and Wes Anderson’s career in general – the classic conflict between honing a style and evolving. We bring Burnsy on to discuss the new, incredible Cardinals playoffs song, life with a girl’s name, and all of your email questions. Enjoy.

Also, Ben thanks you for your support, and notes that if you want to throw few bucks our way, you can go to and kick in however much you feel like. Thanks fer listenin.

Best singer ever?

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