Frotcast 177: Richie Incognito, Thor 2, Obnoxious Status Updates

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This week on the FilmDrunk Frotcast, Ben is down south finishing up chemo, but we’ve got comedian Matt Lieb in the San Francisco frotquarters, plus’s Laremy Legel via Skype and the rest of the Frotcast crew.

Topics include (in chronological order):

  • The Richie Incognito story, and NFL hazing (including Brendan’s personal experience with being hazed as an NFL offensive lineman).
  • Laremy’s Bell’s Palsy, and health problems that have befallen Gathering of the Juggalos attendees
  • Matt Lieb’s Sex Life
  • Boardwalk Empire & Eastbound and Down, and actresses being unrealistically attractive.
  • The scariest comedies and kids movies
  • The Danzig show, and egging Danzig’s new house
  • Your most obnoxious Facebook status updates
  • Relationship questions, including the girl whose boyfriend farts during sex.

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I thought this was the most entertaining status update:

“Guys be good to your women make them realize they have every right to a beautiful life and your the one that’s going to give it to them, tell her everyday that she is your world and everyday with her is heaven on earth” [followed by…]

“I know hurricane Sandy is bad and gonna do some damage but please don’t lose sight of our goal, The Muslim in the White House needs to be removed for violating our constitution….”

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