Frotcast 180: Catching Fire & Oldboy with Laremy Legel

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Bret, Laremy, and Vince on this early holiday episode. We open the show talking about heckler stories, including Vince’s recent experience with the drunk girl at the dueling piano bar who kicked the piano man in the face. We lead into Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake (full review forthcoming) and the idea of remakes in general. Based on Sharlto Copley in Oldboy and Jodie Foster in Elysium, we discuss the most ill-advised acting performances of this year, and of all time. We talk about Only God Forgives and misanthropic directors, and promos for network TV shows that are so ridiculous they feel like SNL sketches. We wrap it up with your emails about dates gone wrong, horrible break-ups, job troubles, church, existential buffoons, and dominatrices.

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And now, some of our favorite so-bad-it-looks-fake network promos:

I think Do No Harm is the clear stand out here. I’d be kind of proud if I’d come up with Ironsides.

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