Frotcast 194: True Detective Finale And #FreakOnALeashContest

If you’re looking to avoid True Detective spoilers, I don’t think we get particularly spoilery, but you can skip 39 minutes to about 53 if you really want to be safe.

Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right click, save as).

Matt Lieb is back in the Frotquarters with Vince, Bret, Ben, and Brendan this week. We open the show talking about what we think Veronica Mars might be about. Somehow this leads to a contest over the best Korn gibberish impression. Tweet the winner at #FreakOnALeashContest. That leads to a discussion of the worst nü-metal bands and forgotten early 90s music. Ben talks about the Whoop Dreams premiere in Chicago, and we play a deleted scene of Matt wishing he was getting laid (15:50). Brendan tells us about the ultimate tourist he saw in Hawaii (19:00). We discuss the kissing viral video that was actually an ad (22:30). We reminisce about Ugly Kid Joe for a while and wonder why no one shouts “Guitaaaah!” before the guitar solo anymore (28:00). Fake Bret shows up around 36:00 for an episode of “Fake Brettective.”

We talk the True Detective from 39-53 and the obnoxiousness of people’s theories about it. We find a horrible Esquire article, and Matt tells us about why he pees sitting down (1 hour). We talk about Kickstarter and Veronica Mars, and why hobos don’t carry bindles anymore. Anyway, enjoy, tell a friend, and come see Vince do comedy at the Sports Basement at 6 pm this Friday (San Francisco).

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