Frotcast 197: Justin Halpern of ‘Sh*t My Dad Says,’ ‘Surviving Jack’

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04.01.14 6 Comments
Ben pod talking while Justin Halpern makes an Al Qaeda video on my laptop

Vince Mancini

Ben pod talking while Justin Halpern makes an Al Qaeda video on my laptop

Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right click, save as).

This week, the Frotcast welcomes Shit My Dad Says author Justin Halpern, creator of Surviving Jack, which has its second episode this Thursday at 9:30 on Fox. Comedian Matt Lieb also joins.

We start off with a heated discussion about saline vs. electrolytes, before eventually deciding that Fairuza Balk should be the lead singer of Veruca Salt. Lieb, Ben, and Justin discuss Jewish stereotypes, including Pat Robertson’s comment that Jews “don’t work on their cars or mow their lawns because they’re too busy polishing their diamonds.” Justin tells us absurd stories about dealing with network TV’s standards and practices, including instances in which you can and can’t say “blumpkin.” We discuss Noah for a bit (potential spoilers from one hour to one hour seven), as well as Wolf of Wall Street, which Ben just saw. We finish things off with a discussion of whether satire is possible in an internet this stupid, and the saga of Marine Todd (see bottom of post), plus your voicemails and emails. Frot on!

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