Frotcast 200: Laremy, Ben Live From Thailand, and Heather

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Can you believe it’s been 200 Frotcasts?! We were young when we started this. We celebrate with’s Laremy Legel, who joins at the top top of the Frot to read us his latest list and talk about Transcendence, which he also thought was much better than its 19% RT recommended rating would indicate.

We answer a few of your reader questions about comedy and anal sex, Ben calls us direct from Thailand (, if you’re wondering what he’s been up to), and Brendan sings a Frotcast-inspired version of “What A Wonderful World.” We listen to the world’s greatest Smash Mouth mash up, and then we bring on everyone’s favorite glib lesbian, Heather. She tells us about teaching writing at a prison, working as a mad scientist for children’s parties, and what it’s like being known around Brooklyn as “the lesbian who hates sex.”

Thanks for 200 episodes of memories, although we probably don’t remember a lot of those Four Loko-fueled ‘casts at the beginning.

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Oh, and don’t you DARE forget about Laremy’s Kickstarter.

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