Frotcast 201: Paul Shirley Talks Donald Sterling, Laremy Reviews ‘Short Term 12’

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This week, former NBA player and Short Corner Pod co-host Paul Shirley joins us at the top of the Frot to talk about Donald Sterling, but not before congratulating Matt Lieb on the success of “Bandwagon Haters.” We talk about all the actual racist stuff Donald Sterling has done vs. the weird stuff he said to his mistress that he actually got in trouble for. Questions include: is falling all over yourself to condemn him a case of thou dost protest too much? And is it better to have honest racists or racists who are smart enough to censor themselves?

After that, we talk about the “botched” execution and the idea of cognitive dissonance in general, and then we get a visit from Ben, live from Thailand. He tells us about partying with monkeys and the beach where they shot The Beach, and we wrap things up with’s Laremy Legel on the subject of Short Term 12, and Brie Larson’s boobs I mean break out acting role. Short Term 12 is currently available on Netflix Streaming, and is one of Netflix Streaming’s better offerings, so check it out. Oh, and Matt Lieb finally comes clean about what it is about quicksand porn that he finds so hot. Enjoy.

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Oh, and don’t you DARE forget about Laremy’s Kickstarter.

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