Frotcast 202: True Romance, Patrick Schumacker’s Wedding Butt Disaster

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05.08.14 34 Comments
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Brendan is out this week, but we’re joined by San Francisco comedians Matt Lieb and OJ Patterson (of CourtingComedy) to talk about True Romance. We open talking comedy, and Matt gives us an update on the girl who spit in his face and choked him out in his mom’s minivan, who he recently talked out of suicide. Then we bring on Patrick Schumacker, Justin Halpern’s writing partner on Surviving Jack, who happened to find out that his show had been cancelled just a few hours before coming on.

But the reason Pat’s on is to talk about The Hemorrhoid That Destroyed a Marriage (pictured, well below). Okay, technically just a wedding, but it’s still a great story. Wallowing in pathos this week. We finish off with a lengthy discussion of True Romance, from the perspective of a guy who’s seen it (Matt), a guy who watched it four times this weekend (me), and a guy who saw it for the first time last night (OJ).

Enjoy! And leave us an iTunes review! Oh, and as promised, yes, I have a picture of the bloodclot that got pulled out of Patrick’s ass, if you’re interested (fair warning, it’s pretty gross, so I’m putting it alllll the way at the bottom – heh – of this post).

Oh, and don’t you DARE forget about Laremy’s Kickstarter.


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Are you ready?

Are you sure?

I mean, it’s pretty gross.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

The blood clot that killed a wedding.

Patrick Schumacker

The blood clot that killed a wedding.

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