Frotcast 205: ‘The Sacrament’ Director Ti West

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This week on the Frotcast, we’re joined by Ti West, director of The Sacrament, opening June 6th. In addition to his film (which I would describe as in the style of a VICE piece about Jonestown), Ti talks about having to build the set from scratch, why Jonestown is like The Gathering of the Juggalos, his beginnings as a filmmaker, and cornering Joe Swanberg for his famous Fantastic Fest boxing match against Devin Faraci.

In addition, we talk about the whether Dre made more on Beats than 50 Cent did on Vitamin Water, the Seth Rogen/Anne Hornaday kerfuffle vis a vis Elliott Rodger, A Million Ways To Die In the West and Seth MacFarlane comedies in general, how Matt Lieb is faring taking care of babies, and Brendan’s streak of getting “Return of the Mack” played at every wedding. Enjoy it, you lucky so and sos!

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Here’s that Donald Sterling/Master Shake video we were hoping for: