Frotcast 222: The Frotcast Reunites For ‘Bill And Ted’ And Kentucky Child Names


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The full Frotcast crew, Vince, Ben, Bret, Brendan, and Matt, are all together in the Frotquarters for the first time in years to discuss Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure before a House of Prime Rib dinner. The Frotcast’s Excellent Meat Reward, call it. We open talking about Bill Simmons’ suspension from ESPN and the confusing nature of the NFL and ESPN’s supposed independence. MANDY IS A FOOL. This leads us to a discussion of Kevin Smith’s new movie Tusk, which was of course based on a podcast, leading us to wonder what a Frotcast-inspired movie would consist of. Our money is on Gary From Fremont: The Movie. RIDE WITH ME. After that I read Matt Lieb’s funniest post to date, leading to much hilarity. MANDY IS A FOOL. Then we talk about the anti-vaxxer crowd, and Bret having to stand in line at the pediatrician behind someone getting a Personal Beliefs Exemption for his son, Jaden. This leads us to a reader-sent roll of a kindergarten in Eastern Kentucky (I will post this list on FilmDrunk). FOR MY PLEAZUREWe get into Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and the great mall culture explosion of the 1980s, and we finish off with your emails and relationship questions. RIDE WITH ME.

Here’s that list of supposed kindergartner names, from a listener in Kentucky:

Remi (g)
Kyser (g)
Chessie g
Dalis g
Makartney g
Bryten b
Caution g
Pandora g
Kohl b
Xayza g
Brittyn g
Xenia g
Abbrianna g
Deakon b
Zaden b
Alwyn b
Blayden b
Autumn Day
Xaver b
Orion b
More variations of Makayla than I care to count
Sierra-rose g
Kanyon b
Jadence g
Venus b
Jathon b
Shayelynn g

I don’t know if that’s real or a joke. Mother of God.

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Here’s a picture Matt Lieb took on my phone.