Frotcast 241: CitizenFour, Ben Abroad, And Matt Lieb’s Incredible Shrinking Commercial

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This week on the Frotcast, comedian Steve Post, Somerville, Mass’s finest (and host of the Smarten Up! podcast), joined Bret, Matt Lieb, and I in the Frotquarters to talk about CitizenFour. We also talked to Ben on Skype, live from Costa Rica (part of the Central American swing of his post-testicular cancer vision quest), a segment I’m going to call “A Jew Abroad.” He also updates us about his Kickstarter. Matt Lieb described his latest career hiccup, the Nature Valley commercial that he wasn’t cut out of, just drastically shrunk in. Steve Post told us about playing a bartender in Silicon Valley, and we argue about Oliver Stone’s new Snowden biopic and Oliver Stone movies in general.

If you listen to one podcast in your whole life, make it this one! It’s f*cking crazy!

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Until next week, Frotfans. Don’t forget to keep it super real.

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