Frotcast 252: Kung Fury, Chet Haze, Entourage, Hot Girls Wanted, And Love And Mercy

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Movies probably aren’t the reason people listen to the Frotcast, but this week, we talk about lots of them. We open with Kung Fury, now free on YouTube, which we all watched, and mostly enjoyed (MOST the mustache scene, LEAST the Hasselhoff reference). After that, I discuss my experience seeing the Entourage movie, which organically leads us into Chet Haze’s spirited and similarly tone-deaf defense of using the N-word, aka “N-Star” (including a digression into Brent Weinbach’s “Gangsta Party Line”). After that, we discuss the Rashida Jones-produced Netflix documentary about amateur teen porn, Hot Girls Wanted. Which felt very local-news-scare-piece to me. (“It’s CALLED amateur porn, and YOUR HOT TEEN could be doing it…”). From there, Matt and I discuss Love & Mercy, the Brian Wilson biopic starring Paul Dano and John Cusack, which Matt is well qualified to critique as a Brian Wilson freak and Beach Boys scholar. Should a biopic just be a dramatic retelling of what you already know or should it try to innovate? Finally, we finish up with your emails, including a bitter script reader’s take on “the two wolves story,” another reader’s rank of the frot crew by f*ckability, and yet another question about the best way to wipe your ass. Frot on and enjoy.

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