Frotcast 256: ‘Ted 2,’ Jared Fogle, And The Is Amy Schumer Racist Thinkpiece Industry

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This week on the Frotcast, the world’s best pop culture podcast, Brendan is back in-studio, joining Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini, with guest comedian Torio Van Grol. Hijinks ensue.

This Week’s #Content:

Matt Lieb’s Breakup.
Snuggly Rock has crumbled and winter is coming. Matt joins all the dating sites and we discuss the merits of each, from J-Swype (that’s the Jewish Tinder) to FarmersOnly and AshleyMadison.

The backyard brawling documentary from the director of The U.

Jared from Subway’s child porn.
He’s only being investigated, not arrested or indicted. Now that his reputation is ruined, do we hope he’s guilty or not?

Ted 2
Matt, Vince, and Torio all saw it, and we agreed the funniest bit in it was the stoners in the back row laughing like Beavis & Butthead at all the worst jokes.

Torio is now a Segway tour guide
He tells us about an old lady who fell. She may be dead now.

The Is Amy Schumer Racist thinkpiece battle
The Internet has discovered which rhetorical tricks are a fool-proof way to expose racists. “I saw your secret heart!” -Matt Lieb

License to Shill
Why selling out seems like it must be awesome.

Your emails, including how the Frotcast ruined one listener’s relationship with his father.

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