Frotcast 294: Chappie, And The Artist Formerly Known As Danger Guerrero

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In his EXCLUSIVE FIRST PODCAST APPEARANCE (not really, but sort of), Brian Grubb, the Uproxx writer formerly known as Danger Guerrero (all about that here) sits in for an interview mostly about TV shows, but also about his journey from lawyer to writer, using his disability to score restaurant tables, and more. Before that, we introduce our new segment, “Okay, Shut Up,” which the Frot members finally watch a movie one of us won’t shut up about. This week’s movie, Chappie (which I famously won’t shut up about, because I know I’m on the right side of history). We also have a new Crystal Corner, with this week’s celebrity lover of magic crystals, Jenna Dewan Tatum (wife of Channing Tatum, aka C-Tates). There’s even a Royalty-Free Music Improv with Matt Lieb. Enjoy!

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Time-Stamped #Content

5:34 – Matt Lieb is locked in a Facebook beef with a guy with a funny name.
10:36 – Matt explains his gig on “The Star Wars Show” and opening for Gabriel Iglesias
19:25 – The inaugural run of “Okay, Shut Up,” in which we all watch a movie one of us won’t shut up about. This week in Okay Shut Up, Chappie.
30:00 – Matt Lieb, on Yolandie Visser’s sex appeal. “It’s like she could rip out your heart and eat it and you’d still have a boner somehow.”
42:35 – CRYSTAL CORNER! This week’s celebrity who loves the power of healing crystals, Jenna Dewan Tatum.
53:00 – Royalty-Free Musical Improv, with Matt Lieb
57:40 – Interview with writer, Temple grad, almost lawyer, and spinal-cord injury survivor Brian Grubb, neé Danger Guerrero
1:00:00 – Better Call Saul Vs. Breaking Bad, with Brian Grubb
1:38:55 – We read your emails, about Jewishness, and Matt’s beef with the anti-circumcision lobby.

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