Frotcast 321: Fifty Shades Darker, Jane’s Last Show, Ben Returns

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It’s a very special Frotcast this week, featuring both Jane Harrison’s final in-studio appearance before she movies off to Chicago, and an update from Ben, who’s on the mend from cancer surgery. So much #Content! Topics include Sundance, Fifty Shades Darker, Kellyanne Conway’s lost stand up clip, and our new segment, Chemo Couch Time with Ben, in which he names his top five TV shows to recover to, from Westworld to Taboo. Naturally, we finish off with a spirited round of the Royalty Freestyle. Matt Lieb, Jane Harrison, and I are in studio.

This Week’s #Content

2:41 – I talk Sundance, with an extra special clip of one of my roommates taking a very loud bowel movement during a phone interview, all caught on tape.
17:10 – Listening to the lost clip of Kellyanne Conway’s stand-up set from 1998
27:40 – We bloop in Ben for our new segment, The Cancer Update. Ben tells us which organs he had removed.
37:00 – Another new segment, Chemo Couch Time with Ben! Ben has seen all the shows and names his top five, from Westworld to Taboo with Tom Hardy.
45:30 – Our discussion of earrings leads us to realize that Ben has his kidney on the gay side.
54:00 – The Ballad of Kobe Buffalomeat
58:16 – My review of Fifty Shades Darker

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