Frotcast 394: The Masculine Toilet, With Joe Sinclitico And Jane Harrison

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Seamus! Be a good boy and go ‘n fight yer dah!

This week on the Frotcast, comedians Joe Sinclitico (Adam Devine’s House Party) and Jane Harrison (Flophouse) return to the show to talk about the Crooked Media/Facebook kerfuffle, discuss Creed II and Michael B. Jordan’s ripped body, Joe getting violated by his dog as a boy, and whether I have to kill Matt now because he won a journalism award for his dumb show, as if I haven’t been writing on the internet for 11 goddamned years now with nary a trophy or bauble in sight! Oh hey, did I type that? Pardon me, that was a hand fart. Totally not bitter over here. Anyway, we finish things off breaking down the acting attorney general’s patent for “the Masculine Toilet,” the toilet for guys with big dicks, and Matt does the Royalty Freestyle. Jeez, do you guys hear these songs? I guess they’ll give a journalism award to anyone these days.

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Hell yeah doggie. Newsbroke won a journalism award.

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