Frotcast 436: The Virus Is Canceled, With Kaseem Bentley And Jessica Sele

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It’s an all-star Frotcast this week with such classic Frotcast guests as Kaseem Bentley (whose album, Lake View, is now available on Spotify!) and Jessica Sele. Kaseem, as always, does his best to get us canceled while we discuss all the most pressing events of the day, from the Chrissy Teigen-Alison Roman beef to female bodybuilder erotica to Save The Last Dance starring Michael Jordan and Julia Stiles to whether ladies should wear underwear when they sleep — for health reasons. We ask Jessica and Kaseem about comedy in the time of quarantine and how they’re coping, and… hell I don’t know, man. What do we ever talk about on these things? Sometimes the best Frots are the ones I memory hole the second we finish recording. As we like to say, whatever keeps the piggies fed.

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