New Frotcast: Hamilton Stans Vs. Hamilton Virgins, With Francesca Fiorentini And Andrew Law

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The time has finally come for the Frotcast to finally discuss Hamilton, a play Matt has seen and loved and thus far failed to convince me to watch. That is… until now! So, is Hamilton the defining theatrical achievement of our times or some cheesy overhyped schoolhouse rock bullshit? You’ll have to listen to find out. No refunds.

Joining us in our discussion this week, we have Francesca Fiorentini, host of the Bitchuation Room, founder of Newsbroke on AJ+, and frequent guest on The Young Turks, who once, along with Matt once forced me to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack on our way to the Russian River in the back of Matt’s Honda Civic; and Andrew Law, aka IllyBocean on Twitter and cohost of the BoontaVista Podcast, who, like me, was a skeptical Hamilton virgin, only in his case has the added hurdle of being an Australian who wasn’t forcefed the Founding Fathers and Constitutional Convention in school. Will this make him love Hamilton more or less?

It’s a spirited discussion, and naturally, Matt turns in many analingus puns for his Hamilton parody about eating butt, Lumilton.

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