Frotcast 51: Talking X-Men, Fantasy Box Office, Mac Expo with Brandon Mendelson

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06.09.11 15 Comments

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It was a banner week on the Frotcast this week, as all four of us AND our guest actually saw the movie we’re discussing (X-Men: First Class).  We start discussing that around the 45-minute mark.  Other than that, we read a few emails, talked to Brandon about the book he’s writing, and generally did what we always do, which is be vulgar and keep it real as sh*t. Yes, we did a show with guys named Ben, Bret, Brendan, and Brandon. And I didn’t even plan that. We’re like an obnoxious Mormon family.  We also updated our Fantasy Summer Box Office picks from last week, if you want to play along.  I’ll repost our picks for that below.  Probably our biggest mistake was that no one chose Paul Blart: Zookeeper for their bomb pick, though it supposedly had a $90 million budget.


Frotcast Fantasy Box Office Standings

Vince’s Picks:

1. Harry Potter
2. X-Men: First Class ($55.1 million)
3. Green Lantern
4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

BOMB PICK: The Change Up

Ben’s Picks:

1. Cars 2
2. Super 8 (opening this weekend)
3. The Zookeeper
4. Friends with Benefits


Brendan’s Picks:

1. Transformers 3
2. Captain America
3. Bad Teacher
4. Mr. Popper’s Penguins (opening next weekend)

BOMB PICK: Green Lantern

Bret’s Picks:

1. Cowboys and Aliens
2. Smurfs
3. Spy Kids 4
4. Horrible Bosses

BOMB PICK: Transformers 3 (note: terrible pick)

Also, thought this was a funny email, from reader Dan:

Hola, Frotcast!
Como se va, pincho gringos?
Anywho, all formalities aside, I tried your special high-five while drinking this weekend.
I was at a bar here in the DC, a 2-hour $10 open bar special, and as such, I made most
of this special. Nearing the end of the special, the 12 rum & cokes I downed suddenly
unlocked my memory and I remembered the folded-thumb high-five. Being an intelligent
scientist, I decided to do the folded-thumb high-five on some stranger walking into the bar
at that moment. I locked eyes with the dude and went in for the kill. Thumb folded in, right
arm cocked @ right angle, ready to strike, I shrieked, “Broski, High-Five!”. I was so focused on
delivering the crippling high five that I forgot that, towards the front of the bar were a couple of steps.
As such, I suddenly flew down the steps towards the stranger, folded-thumb palm still outreached for the
high five. He was so startled and the ground fairly wet from the drink that flew out of my left hand,
that he started jumping back but instead slipped and fell hard on his back. Once I wiped the floor
off my face, and the stranger back on his feet, I once again attempted the folded-in High-5,
and successfully completed it, all while the stranger had the most confused face.
Having managed to get the high-five, I put that bar in my reahview and continued into the
night, looking for whores to yell at and more dudes on which to practice the folded-thumb high five.

Diarrhea transplants and corgis,



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