Frotcast 52: FARTLORE MEETS FROTLORE! (and Green Lantern)

POOP TRANSPLANTS ARE REAL!  For our 52nd episode, which we assume (we didn’t really check) marks a full year of glorious Frotcasts, we brought on Trevor J. Blank, author of the award-winning (really) essay on the function of farts in American folklore (FARTLORE!).  We first learned of him about a week ago, when he coined the glorious phrase “It is usually boys who make farting a game or a weapon.”

(the player below may take a second to load. here’s a direct link to the podcast.)

Other topics:

  • We also discussed Green Lantern, and whether green jizz fog is preferable to yellow (review forthcoming) (5:00)
  • I talk about going to an open mic where all the patrons were German backpackers (ie, not great at understanding jokes in English), and the icing on the cake was that afterwards, a woman tried to give me her business card, as she earnestly believed I could make a fine living impersonating Mad Magazine cover cartoon Alfred E. Neuman.  Who is a picture.  And has a single catchphrase. (3:30)
  • Shaq’s sex tape (18:00)
  • Australian news anchor gets clowned by the Dalai Lama (20:40)
  • An incredibly racist campaign ad from LA (see above) (24:50)
  • We bring on an actual doctor to confirm that fecal transplants are indeed real. (28:30)
  • Fartlore interview begins at 37:50.  A half hour of fart talk.  Brendan nearly died.

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