Frotcast 54: Tarantino, fecal transplants, Lindy’s beef with Thomas Lennon

06.30.11 8 years ago 15 Comments


This week, Bret was gone and we had to rush into production because of Brendan’s work schedule, but we made up for it by bringing on Lindy West to discuss her various cyber beefs as well as Green Lantern, Super 8, Cedar Rapids, Quentin Tarantino, and of course more poop transplant stories. ENJOY! Email us at, Subscribe on iTunes, and download this week’s episode here (right-click, “save as.”)  Episode notes and time stamps:

  • 2 minutes: Topic: A-hole signs in yards. Really? Do people really think a dickhead sign like “Don’t even THINK of parking here!!!” is more effective than “no parking?”
  • 13 minutes: A great local news report on the subject of (*drum roll*) fecal transplants.
  • 23 minutes: We welcome Lindy back to the ‘cast, and discuss why Thomas Lennon of Reno! 911 and her are no longer friendsies.
  • 29 minutes: Lindy makes a fan on Facebook. Sadly, his wife is not a fan, and doesn’t approve of “slutty girls” friending married men on Facebook.
  • 37 minutes: Lindy and I discuss Green Lantern.
  • 40 minutes: I ask Lindy about Super 8. (Yay! So much movie talk this episode!)
  • 44 minutes: Ben saw Cedar Rapids, we talk about how great it was. (It’s out on DVD now!)
  • 51 minutes: Discussing Quentin Tarantino foot-sucker gate.
  • 1 hour, 5 minutes: Brendan made it on Lindy’s edition of the Funbag for Deadspin. I read an excerpt about guys with lame commenter names, and it turns out said commenter is very upset at being made fun of.
  • 1 hour, 8: We discover the perfect joke to kill Brendan, in that it involves farts, a poop transplant, and talking into a banana phone.

Bonus link: Here’s that guy ‘drunkexpatwriter‘ who got his panties all in a bunch because some other guy (totally deservedly) made fun of his username. I love how completely delusional everyone in this thread is. “Ha, you got them, bro, Gawker Media will rue the day.”

Bonus related video: Here’s that Fecal Transplant news story we were enjoying.

“Poop. It’s a stinky subject.” Oh, local news, don’t ever change.

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