Frotcast 61: Punté, Clips from my stand up comedy, the Val Kilmer song title game

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08.19.11 13 Comments

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Word up, frotlovers, we back with a brand new Frotcast. First off, I’d like to thank you for making us the third most-downloaded comedy podcast on Podbean. And the only people in front of us are a naked chick and a show in Spanish, so I consider that a win. (Also, last week’s guest‘s book just became a New York Times Editors’ Choice. Boom.) Anyway, this week we’re back with our second-ever in-frotquarters guest, Josh Zerkle, aka Monday Morning Punter, aka Punté, formerly of WithLeather and KissingSuzyKolber, currently of the HouseofPunte Podcast. We talk to Josh about putting artificial sphincters in rats, and play clips from some stand-up comedy I did over the weekend, since a few of you asked about that. Then we came up with a new game, NAME THAT VAL KILMER SONG TITLE. Oh, and we talked about Bronan the BarBronian for about ten seconds. We had a ton of fun recording it, so hopefully you’ll have half as much fun listening to it. Probably not though. Unless you’re drunk. Subscribe on iTunes, email us at


  • 2:25 – Brendan tells how Niners linebacker Charles Haley apparently used to pull out his giant penis and masturbate during team meetings.
  • 7:14 – We discuss University of Alabama’s sorority rap video
  • 10:38 – We introduce Punté to Jesse Jane’s horrific voice
  • 14:15 – We play a snippet of Anne Hathaway’s nightmarish rap for some reason. Please, please, please, white people, no more rapping.
  • 17:00 – Clips from a couple stand-up comedy “shows” I did over the weekend. Topics include porn, juggalos.
  • 28:30 – THE MEAT OF THE FROTCAST! We discover the medical innovation of ARTIFICIAL SPHINCTERS! THEY GROW THEM ON MICE! THERE’S A LAB SOMEWHERE FULL OF MICE WITH HUMAN SPHINCTERS GROWING ON THEIR BACKS!  (I believe it was actually Lindy West who first turned us onto this article, so, a million thanks, Lindy).
  • 45:46 – Val Kilmer made an easy-listening album? Val Kilmer made an easy-listening album. Can you name the song titles? That’s what we find out.
  • 53:38 Brendan reads an email he got, THE MOST SOULLESS CORPORATE TECHNO-JARGON EMAIL OF ALL TIME. Can you ideate your disruptive white space and intersect market adjacency methodologies??

And here’s my favorite interview of all time, in case you missed it:

Covered more thoroughly here.

And here’s some of Val Kilmer’s AWESOME MUSIC.

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