Frotcast 62: Burnsy’s Song/Video of the Week, Lindy West on Bronan

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We went back to our roots on this week’s Frotcast, starting things off with a Burnsy’s Corner, and wrapping them up with a Lindy Explains the Plot (Conan/Lifetime Movie of the Week Edition). Other topics include Jim Carrey, Steve Jobs, Germans’ obsession with poop, and a four-way impromptu fart-beatboxing (fartboxing) song we accidentally made when we didn’t realize we were recording.

AFTER THE JUMP: A must-see video for this week’s song of the week. It’s so gay it makes Schmitt’s Gay look like… football. Ultimate fighting. No, lumberjacks. Dammit, what things are legitimately straight? It seems like everything that’s excessively hetero is ultimately kinda gay. That’s my excuse.

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Things I love about this video:

  • Opens on a butt shot
  • Sexy gay football (GRRR, YOU CALL THAT PASS BLOCKING??)
  • Cooking in speedos!
  • Burnt bacon as a metaphor?
  • Gay water fight!
  • ATTACK OF THE VISUAL METAPHORS! Man, the inflatable pool testicles looked subtle compared to the part where he started squirting hot sunscreen on that guy’s back.
  • Oh hell yeah, underwear pillow fight. God, being gay looks AWESOME.