Frotcast 73: Pauly tweets his way to the top, Michael Fassbender’s penis, Thomas Kinkade

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You guys, a week ago I made a firm commitment to drinking more Irish coffees while we record the Frotcast, and I think it’s really starting to pay dividends. Entertainment dividends!

I’d love to tell you that we spent the entire ‘cast talking about Shame and Michael F. Assbender’s big floppy Brit wang, but sadly, some other content did manage to creep in.

  • We talked with FilmDrunk’s own Pauly Dangerously about Tweeting his way to a possible opening gig at Caroline’s tomorrow.
  • Brendan discovers some disturbingly awesome facts about Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light
  • Laremy Legel from comes on to discuss, yes, Michael Fassbender’s big ol’ elephant dong, AND AS A SPECIAL BONUS, he tells us about getting his anal fistula lanced in excruciating detail. Oh what a time to be alive.
  • There was a lot of Fake Bret this time. I sincerely do apologize for that.

Thanks to Roy for the Willem Dafoe pictures, which probably won’t make sense to anyone who didn’t hear the last Frotcast, but to those who did, trust us, they’re high-larious.

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