Frotcast 80: Burnsy’s Corner, David Lee Roth, British Bill Cosby, Armond White reviews the Frotcast

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For the final Frotcast of the year, we were hoping to put together a nice multi-guest, best-of extravaganza, but we ended up having to record early this week, so that will have to wait until next week. This one’s more of a placeholder. If you’re looking for “interesting interviews with interesting people”, check out last week’s Frotcast, and our interview with prison memoirist Matthew Parker, which was great. If guys getting drunk and talking movies and goofing off is more your bag, this is your week. We discuss Young Adult, Mission Impossible, and Dragon Tattoo — 3 movies, 1 Frotcast.

Here’s some more specific episode notes, courtesy of Frotcast correspondent Adam:

  • 00:02:30 – Brendan regales us with a story about one of his drinking adventures with friend of the Frotcast, Justin.
  • 00:05:51 – We discuss Young Adult and Vince’s beefs with the film. Everyone agrees that the “popular kid in high school who acts like a feudal lord” is a tired cliche in high school movies. This leads to some talk about our past high school experiences. Fun fact: To graduate in Florida you have to fight C-Tates.
  • 00:18:34 – Burnsy’s Corner is back with some intro music. The Demi Lovato/Disney Channel/Eating Disorder Joke controversy is brought up. Burnsy announces that Van Halen will be back on tour, and to celebrate the occasion we talk to David Lee Roth live via satellite.
  • 00:44:35 – Vince reveals that he once had to review the Fleshlight. In a weird correlation, we have a news story about a meth head that used a chihuahua as a Fleshlight. We also share some of our Free Health Clinic stories.
  • 01:11:43 – Ben prematurely breaks out his top 10 list for 2011, which features Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It’s agreed that the only way to see Mission Impossible is on IMAX. We discuss IMAX vs. 3D. Vince feels that the first two hours of Dragon Tattoo is reminiscent of Zodiac, but the ending felt like a Lifetime movie. Ben agrees about the ending, but gives the film a “Jew Thumbs Up.” British Bill Cosby pops up and makes Bret puke.
  • 01:27:50 – Our favorite film critic/blowhard, Armond White, reviews the Frotcast.

FOR NEXT WEEK. We have TWO important assignments for you. ONE — tell us your favorite segments of the year (preferably with the episode from whence it came) to assist in editing a best of 2011 podcast, and TWO, we have an assignment for you about racist characters in film/literature that I will detail below. EMAIL US at FROTCAST@GMAIL.COM. LEAVE US A VOICEMAIL: 415 275 0030. SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES. I’ve got more shirts coming today, so I’ll soon be able to give those out to the best voicemailers.


Writes correspondent Adam:

I’ve been reading a lot of H.P. Lovecraft lately, and in one of his stories a character has a cat named N*gger Man. From what I’ve read about and seen in docs about Lovecraft, he was pretty f*cking racist. This got me thinking about a possible segment for listener submissions. Parts in literature or films from past that are so racist now that they take you out of the story. Words or sayings that weren’t considered racist then but now are.

I thought that was a great idea. I can think of a few examples, including Dirty Harry’s “That’s mighty white of ya.” Email us (or voicemail us) yours.