Frotcast 98: Porn Parody Director Lee Roy Myers, The Avengers, Rating Superhero Movies

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This week on the Frotcast, we brought on Lee Roy Myers, director of all your favorite porn parodies, including Wet Dream on Elm Street, The Human Sexipede, The Big Lebowski XXX, Sex Thighs and Videotape, the award-winning Man vs. Pussy, and the upcoming porn parody of The Godfather, which, sadly, is not called “The Dogboffer.” Lee Roy tells us all about the current state of porn parody and rates the viability of our listener-submitted parody ideas, such as “Grinding Nemo,” and “The Cabin in the Woods Where People are F*cking.” Special thanks to Dreamzone Entertainment and The Godfathers for the hook up (and for the picture).

Meanwhile, Bret and I discuss The Avengers (no spoilers), we listen to grandma’s watching the Kardashian sex tape, rate our best and worst superhero movies, and field a couple questions (and one Brett Ratner story) via email. Just a reminder, you can also find the Frotcast on Stitcher. Just download the app from and stream that sumbitch live to your iPhone or Android device without going through iTunes or any of that shit! It’s your world, man! Treat yourself!

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