Frotcast 99: Miley vs. Miley, Hot Goss, & Laremy Talks Dark Shadows, The Avengers

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This week on the Frotcast, in honor of President Obama telling us that we had to gay marry each other, we brought on Burnsy for a special, same-sex wedding edition of HOTT GOSS™, including our picks for who we would gay marry. SPOILER ALERT: It turns out John Travolta has monkey feet. Then we talk about Miley Cyrus’s wildly successful new film, LOL, and compare her actual voice to the voice you hear on her CDs, which, surprisingly, are wildly different. Later on, we bring on Laremy so that we can make fun of his morning show appearance, then talk Dark Shadows, The Avengers, Girls, trying not to turn into Peter Travers, and even get earnest-ish about politics before it all explodes in a hail of giggles. Jeez, that went downhill fast.

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NOTE: There’s some dead air between 14:37 and 15:22 right now that will be there until I can re-edit and re-upload. Apologies.