Frotcast 347: Blade Runner (1982), With Ed Zitron

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If you like timely pegs for classic movies, you’ll love this week’s Frotcast about the 1982 Ridley Scott classic, Blade Runner (no promises). Comedian Allison Mick calls it the “un-fun Fifth Element,” while Twitter’s favorite PR man Ed Zitron defends Harrison Ford’s extremely laconic voice over. Comedian Joey Avery just tries to get a word in every now and then. We also talk Harvey Weinstein and Terry Crews (and Rob Schneider and Seth MacFarlane), and Eminem’s Trump diss track. It’s extremely #content and incredibly blah blah blah. It’s not our best work but it’s free.


1:40 – Harvey Weinstein follow-up.

16:15 – Eminem’s anti-Trump freestyle

23:40 – Blade Runner discussion

54:40 – Is Harrison Ford a good actor or a good movie star

1:00:20 – How would you like to die in a natural disaster?

1:05:20 – More fun with Korn

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