Frotcast Bonus: Matt And Vince Review ‘The Favourite’

Fox Searchlight

This bonus episode of the FilmDrunk Frotcast is available to Patreon subscribers.

Allo govna! In this week’s bonus episode of the Filmdrunk Frotcast, Vince and Matt talk about director and non-endings lover Yorgos Lanthimos’s new film The Favourite – a movie that Vince describes as “the period piece that I’ve always wanted.” This movie is everything that Mary Queen Of Scots isn’t. Sh*t covered streets, foppish English politicians with drawn-on moles. An inbred, gout-addled monarch writhing in pain for half the movie. Both duck AND lobster races. Instead of Yas Queen‘ing a literal queen and using the English monarchy as a vehicle for a story about female empowerment, The Favourite shows the English aristocracy in their natural state of vindictive power grabs and opulent boredom. It’s glorious and hilarious and both Matt and Vince spent most of this episode speaking in various accents, which is the primary reason why people still listen to the Frotcast. So please go see The Favourite and immediately subscribe to The Filmdrunk Frotcast on Patreon and listen to this episode! You’ll never be lonely when you have the Frotcast. -Matt

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