Frotcast 348: Talking Guy Ritchie’s ‘King Arthur’ With Guest Paul Shirley

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10.26.17 19 Comments

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Ex-NBA player Paul Shirley joins the Frotcast this week to talk about his new book, plus, we discuss Guy Ritchie’s KING ARTHUR and do the internet’s first live podcast review of “Doughp,” San Francisco’s first “hip hop-themed cookie dough kiosk. Matt Lieb and Vince are in studio. We also talk Stephen Dorff, Pauly Shore, PFT Commenter, and George Bush Sr. groping women. Frot on and enjoy, donate at Patreon Dot Com Slash FROTCAST.


3:30 – Exploring the possibilities of an animatronic Pauly Shore

7:40 – Paul Shirley on Stories I Tell On Dates

23:34 – George HW Bush Grope Gate!

34:12 – A live review of “Doughp,” San Francisco’s first hip hop-themed cookie dough kiosk

42:49 – We discuss Guy Ritchie’s KING ARTHUR

54:44 – Has the movie-going experience degraded or have we just gotten old?

1:05:49 – Requested #content, discussing past guest PFT Commenter‘s recently canceled ESPN show

1:18:06 – Email questions

1:32:00 – A Ben update

Supplemental #Content

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