Frotcast 312: The 1986 Blackface Classic, ‘Soul Man,’ With Matt Lieb And Allison Mick

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This week on the Frotcast, we’re discussing the classic 1986 blackface comedy, Soul Man, starring C. Thomas Howell. Did this film “predict Obama’s rise,” as Armond White believes? Comedians Matt Lieb and Allison Mick join Brendan and me (Vince Mancini) in the studio. Soul Man’s assertion that the 80s were “the Cosby decade” also lead us into a discussion of Bill Cosby and 80s movies. We finish off with NPR corner and “The Royalty Freestyle,” in which we force Matt Lieb to improvise lyrics to royalty-free music. This week’s offerings include a song about SIDS. Enjoy, and Frot on.


Intro – Soul Man, and Armond White’s assertion that it predicted Obama
45:42 – Tales From NPR
57:00 – Matt Lieb imagines Hailee Steinfeld’s slap bass album, leading to this week’s Brendan Uncontrollably Laughing segment.
1:08:00 – Soul Man‘s assertion that the 80s are “the Cosby decade” leads to a Cosby discussion.
1:15:20 – The Royalty Freestyle, including a very special song about SIDS, and “I’m Gonna Bring A Gun To School”
1:33:08 – Matt Lieb is angry about California’s marijuana-legalization proposition.

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