Frotcast 346: The Year Of Hollywood Sex Scandals

10.05.17 7 months ago 9 Comments

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What do Harvey Weinstein, Harry Knowles, the leader of a vegan mayo cult, and Juggalos have in common? Well, probably nothing except that they’re all #content on this week’s Frotcast. Every week we try to be Ira Glass and end up Harry Carey. But hey, that’s why you love us, right, 13 remaining listeners?! Jk, jk, it’s a great show. Comedian Joey Avery and Jane Harrison are in the studio this week, with Matt Lieb (LA Matt) and Vince Mancini. Donate at, Frot on and enjoy and please Frot responsibly.


2:23 – Could 2017 be the year that brings down both Harvey Weinstein and Harry Knowles? Bad year for plus-sized pervs.

20:53 – The choicest quotes from The Atlantic’s profile of Vegan Mayo Entrepreneur Josh Tetrick from “Just Mayo.”

38:00 – Thoughts on the Juggalo March on Washington and Juggalos in general from some Gathering of the Juggalos veterans.

1:08:00 – Emails.

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