Frotcast 290: Burning Man For The One Percent, With Matt Lieb And Joey Avery

Could be us but you playin

Could be us but you playin'

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Everyone needs things to hate to distract them from the grim specter of death, and this week we have a perfect target: Further Future, the Burning Man of the 1%. Other topics include a first-hand account of Guns N’ Roses at Coachella, and Matt Lieb singing fully improvised, royalty-free music jams for our Patreon donors. Enjoy!

Timestamped #Content:

5:20 – Email question: What movies do a great job nailing the setting?
9:45 – Matt Lieb solves the mystery of what he did in my bed last week.
15:00 – Matt denies that living in LA has changed him.
23:08 – HATE BAIT: Further Future, the Burning Man for the 1%. “Ahh, stuff to hate, the p*ssy of the lonely.” -Bret
35:25 – Tales from Salesforce, and their Hawaiian-themed nightmare workplace.
45:47 – El Chapo flaps in for a visit. Oh how we’ve missed you, El Chapo, our favorite bird bat.
47:40 – El Chapo sings a song about his impending marriage.
48:48 – Joey Avery joins, to regale us with stories of Coachella as we try to feast on his youth like aphids. Also, he saw a Guns N’ Roses show where Axl had to sing while sitting in a chair.
1:02:16 – Royalty-free jams, with Matt Lieb, as reward for Patreon donors.
1:08:32 – Matt Lieb sings a royalty-free “sea shanty”

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