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I had this picture open in my tabs, saving it for a Tarantino-related post, but I’d forget it was there and be visually assaulted by it anew every time I accidentally clicked on it. It is revolting.  I would rather watch a necrophilia video than a foot fetish video. And now I share it with you, so that I don’t have to look at it ever again. |via itsstrictlybusiness|


Culture Clash: Baby Sloths vs. Classic Literature. |Uproxx|

Robopanda runs down the news: What’s Up With Egypt And Australia? |UproxxNews|

The Ten Most Obscure ‘Archer’ Jokes — Explained |WarmingGlow|

Dungeons and Dragons banned in prison. |GammaSquad|

Russian dude sees his grandson’s hair cut, literally ROFLs. |TheDailyWhat|

Dog takes three bullets defending his owner, still smiling. |BostonBarstoolSports|

It’s 1994 and Bryant Gumbel is completely baffled by the internet. |ScreenJunkies|

Bianca Holland doesn’t need a shirt to play pool. |GorillaMask|

A look at the first MMO’s of 2011. |G4|

‘Beat, Rhymes & Life’ Sundance Review: A Tribe Called Quest Is Controversially and Accessibly Documented. |Moviefone|

Beethoven For Elephants. |Buzzfeed|

If you were born sometime in the late 70s – early 80s, you realize how awesome this picture is. |Fark|

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