'Gangster Squad' Has Another Trailer, Not Nearly Enough Ryan Gosling

Due out on September 7, Gangster Squad technically doesn’t qualify as a summer blockbuster, but it’s most likely going to produce like one at the box office. Starring Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Vince’s spirit animal, Nick Nolte, Gangster Squad is the story of a team of Los Angeles police badasses in the 1940s that does everything within the law and beyond to keep the mafia from planting its roots on the west coast. Basically, it’s a lot like Three Ninjas.

In the new trailer – after the jump – we’re shown a lot more yelling and crinkled facial expressions by Sean Penn, but not as much Baby Goose as we deserve. That got me thinking – you know what would be great? An animated film called Gangster Goose, in which Gosling plays a daddy goose who teaches kids that it’s important to put family first. But instead of violence, he’ll defeat the police with hugs.

(Via Deadline)