GARY BUSEY WAS FRAMED! (and other stories)

GARY BUSEY WAS FRAMED! A couple of loser photographers called the cops on Gary Busey, saying he was driving drunk.  Only when the cops stopped him, they found that he was “perfectly sober” (is that possible?), and it turned out, the couple who called them only did it so they could take pictures. These butthorns should be sentenced to a headbutting most thorough. Besides, you don’t need a zoom lens to take pictures of Gary Busey, just a freshly-killed deer carcass and a pillow case full of tennis balls. Trust me on this. |TMZ|

New picture of Captain America (Chris Evans) in his suit.  Eh, it’s okay, I guess. I sort of expected America to have a bigger dong bulge. |WWTDD|

Adam Sandler will play Andy Samberg’s father in I Hate You Dad, despite them being 12 years apart in real life.  I was worried Sandler was pulling Samberg, the funniest SNL castmember by far, into his vortex of lazy pandering Sandler’s been in for the last few years.  But the script comes from David Caspe, with a re-write by David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer) and Ken Marino (Party Down), both of whom bring the funny on Children’s Hospital.  Is it too much to ask for a Sandler comedy that doesn’t play to Kevin James’ sensibilities?  I hope not.  |THR|

The Rite poster looks just like cult classic, The Room.  Weird, right? |via|

Paul Dano to join Robert DeNiro in ‘Another Bullsh*t Night in Suck City’.  Dano will play Nick Flynn in the adaptation of Flynn’s memoir, DeNiro will play his father.  (I saw Nick Flynn read once. He was good).  The title refers to homeless life in Boston.  Bawston?  Wait a second, cawksuckah, don’t you mean SAWX city?  |TheWrap|

Whoa, Drive Angry 3D suddenly looks awesome.  After the jump, see (NSFW) video of Nic Cage delivering my new favorite one liner:

“I never disrobe before a gun fight.”  (The topless chick is Charlotte Ross, not that you even noticed her with Nic Cage in the room.) |via Egotastic (NSFW)|

Movies Opening Today: The Dilemma (Allan Loeb script, barf), The Green Hornet (at the very least, the director painted me a tranny), Barney’s Version, Hood to Coast, and Ong Bak 3.

If you must watch Sunday’s Golden Globes, don’t forget our drinking game.