ICP Infomercial: Gathering of the Juggalos will have Charlie Murphy, Slaine from The Town, and Vanilla Ice

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07.15.13 31 Comments

In case you rightly blocked out the news to prevent emotional scarring like I did, you may remember that Laremy, some of the Frotcast crew and I will be traveling to Cave in Rock, Illinois next month to go on our Juggalo Vision Quest. Like the running of the bulls, we’ve no illusions of being first to the party, but we’re still coming to terms with the very real possibility of being gored.

In this new 28-minute infomercial straight from ICP themselves, Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J announce all The Gathering’s booked acts, including but not limited to: ICP, Twizted, Rahzel from The Roots, Zug Izland, Onyx (SLAM!), Vanilla Ice, Jim Norton, Blaze Ya Dead Homie (of course), Slaine from The Town, Kung Fu Vampire, who’s apparently some kind of ninja in addition to being a rap guy in face paint, a group known as “Swollen Members,” and someone called “Brotha Lynch Hung,” possibly the world’s most aggressively-named rapper, though ICP clarifies that the “hung” is actually meant to be pronounced “ung,” (?), and of course, more face-painted rappers than you ever knew existed. RIP, Ass Dan. Is it just me, or does everything ICP announces sort of sound like the Working-Class Stefon?

The video is more informative than comedic per se, but dare I say it, I’m cautiously excited. And say what you will about the ICP dudes, at a time when every amateur comedian is a wannabe philosopher in the vein of Patton or Louis CK but don’t do it nearly as well, it’s slightly refreshing to see people who don’t particularly care whether they’re being laughed with or at. Refreshing, like pouring a can of Faygo on your poison-ivy covered balls, which I fully expect to happen. Pray for me. Pray for Laremy. Pray to Ass Dan.


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