Genius Parody: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close for 9/11 conspiracy theorists

There are far too many supercuts, parodies, and fan-made trailers going around for me to post even a fraction of them (and for the most part, you should thank me), but I consider this parody of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close close to a must-watch. The insanely maudlin-looking movie adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel (which has already been accused by some of post-9/11 opportunism) probably ranks just behind War Horse and The Iron Lady in terms of unintentional parody films. (And really, aren’t we tired of these kinds of movies yet?)

Point is, it’s an easy (and deserving) target, but the folks at theDickheads went a clever way with it, re-imagining Tom Hanks’s beloved 9/11 casualty character as a really obnoxious 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Brilliant concept, and spot-on execution. “A plane crashes in an EMPTY FIELD and leaves no trace. ARE WE AT F*CKING HOGWARTS?!”

I love this.

I missed my press screening for this, so I don’t get to find out whether it’s as horrible as it looks.