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Gentlemen Broncos, the upcoming movie from Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess, "follows a high school outcast who’s an aspiring fantasy author. He attends a fantasy convention to show off his work and finds his supposed masterpiece – ‘Yeast Lords’ – ripped off by legendary novelist Ronald Chevalier, who has turned desperate for ideas."

Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords  ("New Zealand: Why not?") plays Chevalier, and the above video is from his viral site,  An excerpt:

A Cluster Award-winning, published author since the age of 13, Dr.Chevalier’s robust body of work includes titles such as Cyborg Harpies, Brain Cream, and the all new, completely original novel Brutus & Balzaak. 
Dr. Chevalier’s talents extend into such varied spheres as the sciences, arts. His original painted works have received various accolades within the “Art World”, and he’s revolutionized the genre of “Visitation Portraiture”.

This movie hasn’t even finished shooting yet and already has a viral site.  It seems like every movie has a viral site these days.  These viral sites have really been spreading like… uh, wildfire. 

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