For The Gentler Ears, Here’s The Green Band Trailer For ‘Bad Words’

Last month, we were treated to the red band trailer for Bad Words, which stars Jason Bateman and also marks his directorial debuts. I’m confident when I say that the majority of us Drunkards were pretty excited about the premise of Bateman playing a 40-year old A-hole who never passed the 8th grade and is using that as a loophole to compete in children’s spelling bees. Naturally, we expect a lot of foul-mouthed hilarity to ensue.

But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like all of the potty language and you’d like to be tricked into seeing this movie by thinking that “ass” is the worst word that you’ll hear, the green band trailer for Bad Words was released this week, and it… still looks pretty gosh darn funny. Even if we already know that the little kid actually wants to touch the prostitute’s breasts.