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08.15.08 30 Comments

George Lopez recently took a page from Dane Cook’s playbook, apologizing for his part in the Beverly Hills Chihuahua trailer, which was loathesome enough to spawn an its own New York Times article, and an entire YouTube category devoted to reaction videos.

“If you’ve seen the trailer, it’s either the greatest trailer you’ve ever seen if you’re 10, or the most annoying trailer you’ve ever witnessed in your life if you’re an adult,” Lopez confessed, laughing. “Disney’s doing a fantastic job of hooking the kids — they can’t wait. And if they hook the kids? The parents GOTTA take them!”

(Sample line from trailer’s song: “We’re the real hot dogs. Yo! Hold the bun.”)

10-year-old kids think anything is the most amazing thing they’ve ever seen.  I saw a bullfrong jump in a pond once when I was 10 and almost had an orgasm.  I think it’s pretty safe to say you could lock up the 10-year-old kid audience without making something that inspires people to buy annoying yapdogs.  In fact I have a movie pitch for you, it’s called Beverly Hills Paint My House.

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