Insane Georgia Lawyer Commercial Gets An Even Insaner Rebuttal From The I! Am! A Lawyer! Guy

By now you’ve no doubt already seen that totally bonkers commercial for lawyer Jamie Casino, which aired during the Super Bowl in Savannah, Georgia. It was a full two minutes long and featured Casino emerging from a flaming cemetery to smash a headstone with a sledgehammer set to heavy metal, and if that doesn’t scream “great at negotiating personal injury settlements,” I don’t know what does. Despite the ad only airing locally, it quickly went viral, eventually racking up five million plus YouTube views (at least 100 from me alone).

It was called “the best lawyer commercial ever” by a number of sources. But I knew a certain lawyer from Austin, Texas wasn’t going to take hyperbole like that lying down. You may remember Adam Reposa? He of the previous “best lawyer commercial ever,” directed by Bob Ray and featuring an angry Reposa smashing a car with his truck and breaking the window with a crowbar? Naturally, Ray and Reposa have since created their own Jamie Casino rebuttal video. Once again endowed with a generous helping of Ray’s somewhat Tim-and-Eric-esque editing, it features Reposa as he espouses his zero tolerance policy for people who have sex with dogs. And then it shows a pug having sex with a Teddy bear dressed as Uncle Sam on top of Jamie Casino’s brother’s grave. Now, I don’t know much about law, but if I’m a jury where one of the side’s closing statements includes a dog having sex on the grave of the opposing lawyer’s family member, I’m handing that side the case.