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02.12.10 26 Comments

In Get Him to the Greek, Jonah Hill needs Russell Brand to bang Nia Vardalos before midnight when she turns back into a werewolf. Okay, not really. It stars Russell Brand and Jonah Hill in what’s hopefully Laverne & Shirley to Forgetting Sarah Marshall‘s Happy Days (rather than, say, Joey to FSM‘s Friends *shudder*).  FSM director Nick Stoller returns to direct in his second feature, which is good, but he also has writing credits on Fun with Dick and Jane, which scares me, because that movie wasn’t just unfunny, it was like an electromagnetic pulse that knocked out humor in a five-block radius.  

The trailer’s sorta meh. Could go either way.  And I’m still not sold on Russell Brand.  He’s moderately funny, but it seems like he’s gone far not necessarily because he’s amazingly talented, but because he’s reasonably funny and has a schtick.  Like if he was as funny as he is without the eyeliner and the stupid hair and the tight pants and all that bullsh*t, would you really be able to pick him out of 10 other guys at a comedy club?  Doubtful.  I’m not saying he won’t ever win me over, it’s just that when, say, Ricky Gervais came over from England, no one had to tell me about his book and his life and his huge stand up career to keep me from automatically wanting to kick his ass.

Also available in HD at Apple. Hey, Apple, how bout you stop making oversized iPhones for a second and get me some embeddable videos.

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