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03.16.09 19 Comments

Dude, look. Craft services finally got those handi-snaks I asked for.

At a recent 4 Fast 4 Furious press junket, Paul Walker was asked about the possibility of a sequel. Because really, what else are you gonna ask at a Fast and Furious press junket.  “So… what was it like working with… cars?”  Said Walker:

“I’ve heard it in the rumor mill. I’ve spoken with executives at Universal at this point and they’re pretty serious about it. They’re developing it. They know where they want it to take place. They want to do it in Europe.”

[Asked if he’d want to be involved} “I don’t know. I’d really want to put time into it. I don’t think it’d be too hard to make the best one yet [Editor’s Note: Because we’re barely half-assing it now.]. I don’t think the best one has been made yet. If we were to go make a 5th one it would be the best one. Otherwise let’s not do it.” [collider]

Aw, isn’t it cute how handsome movie stars think you automatically get five chances to do something right? Nah, hold up, dude, one more take.  I think I can get my face to move this time.

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