Ghana’s Terminator/Predator movie looks legit

Here we have the trailer for 2016, a movie from Ghana which seems to be set four years in the future, in a time when both Terminators and Predators roam the Earth. It’s basically the super-low-budget version of that Indian movie where a giant robot snake slithers around eating cars, with all the gloriousness that would imply. To put it succinctly, a Predator kills a lady with a car and then kicks a baby.

Oh, but that’s not all. Let’s see if I can provide a full plot summary:

  • A Predator says something scary in a robot voice.
  • This causes a young boy walking down a street somewhere to be attacked by a flying motorcycle, which cracks open his skull.
  • A predator shoots a bullet from his chest and a dude dodges it, Matrix-style
  • The predator throws a ninja star, which is also dodged.
  • The ninja star continues flying, only to be stopped in mid-air by a TERMINATOR, who deflects it using some kind of forcefield.
  • The Terminator pulls a Lamborghini out of thin air and throws it on top of a lady. The lady had been sitting in the middle of the street for some reason.
  • A cell phone explodes
  • A dude explodes
  • The predator kicks a car
  • A dude dodges the car
  • The predator kicks him in the face
  • The trailer ends in mid shot.

And if you liked “2016,” you’ll LOVE “12:00,” which appears to have been shot on the same two streets.

Being a movie trailer announcer in Ghana seems a lot like being the back-up guy in one of those Jamaican rap songs. You just shout one or two phrases over and over, and they always sound awesome. A nuh mi like Predator, him kick de bebbe, BUH BUH!




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