Chris Hemsworth’s Epic ‘Ghostbusters’ Dance Scene Cost A Scary Amount Of Money

Warning: The following post contains some minor Ghostbusters spoilers.

The new Ghostbusters definitely rewards dedicated viewers who stick it out to the bitter end. The movie’s credits feature all manner of animations, fun tidbits and even an elaborate dance number featuring Chris Hemsworth’s character Kevin. See, at one point, Kevin is possessed by the movie’s villain and gains the ability to control other people’s bodies. This leads to a scene where Kevin takes command of a group of cops and soldiers and then, uh, does nothing with them. Only later during the credits do you see him lead the group in an elaborate Thriller-like dance number, to the Bee Gees’ “You Should Be Dancing.”

Well, it turns out that lengthy dance party was supposed to be in the movie proper, and in director Paul Feig’s words, cutting it was “the biggest decision of my life.” There are also financial reasons why removing the scene was a tough call — according to the Hollywood Reporter, the scene took days to film and cost Sony a whopping seven figures. Considering the uncertain fate Ghostbusters is facing at the box office, I’m sure the studio wouldn’t mind having those millions back.

Money-related concerns aside, cutting the scene was probably the right choice. It would have added more padding to an already-overstuffed third act, and stolen the show from the actual Ghostbusters. As it is, we get a tighter finale, and one of the most memorable credits sequences in recent memory. Now, Feig and Hemsworth just need to get working on their Sweatin’ to the Spooky workout video.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)