VIDEO: Ghostface Killah Reviews the Iron Man 3 Trailer

10.25.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

MTV News sat down with Ghostface Killah recently as part of the promotional tour for his new album, and during the interview they asked him about the trailer for the new Iron Man movie. (NOTE: Speaking of members of Wu-Tang being interviewed by MTV about movies…) You see, Ghostface has been referring to himself as Tony Stark for a long time now. Like, way back before Robert Downey, Jr. and crew brought the franchise to the big screen — which he elaborates on delightfully in the video by saying things like, “The n—a, he was an alchy, a drunk, and a billionaire at the same time. Y’nahmean? N—a had that money, y’knowhatimean?” — so it made sense to see what he thought about the latest iteration. Here is his review:

“Nah, it look live, though. It look live. They blew his house up, right? That was his crib, right? Yeah yeah, no, it look live, though. It look live. It look live. Look like it’s gonna be some sh-t.”

I want you to listen to me very carefully, Iron Man 3 producers: You put that on the poster. You put ALL OF THAT on the poster. All five “It look lives” and everything. It’s perfect. I mean, what are you going to use instead? Some corny “Yippe Ki-Yay Mother Russia” garbage? No. Absolutely not. You copy and paste that quote, hit it with some gold coloring and some shadowing, and you pop it right under a picture of Robert Downey, Jr. We’ve even worked up a sample for you and posted it below. $150 million opening weekend, guaranteed.

You are very welcome.


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